What we do

We strive to make the highest quality recordings possible

We eat, sleep and breath music and are constantly improving our equipment and our skills. We use the latest in both MAC and PC-based software in combination with high-quality microphones, musical and mixing equipment to achieve world class recording quality.

However, the most important thing we offer is our 30+ years of recording experience and over 40 years of being a musician! We have the skills and experience to coach you into delivering your best performance possible and looking forward to working with you to achieve your musical dreams.

Who we are

Darryl E. Van Horne has been making music in the low country since the tender age of 3. In addition to his vocal talent, he has added nearly 25 instruments to his stable of masters over the years. He is at ease on the entire string family, brass, woodwinds, percussion, etc.

At 15, Darryl worked under the wing of his father, the late Original Drifter's Founder, Bill Pinkney. It was there he learned the ins and outs of performing and playing on the professional level. He has had the opportunity to meet and work with performers like James Brown, Ray Charles, The Platters, The Coasters, and a host of other acts.

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October Genius Music Productions
P.O. Box 30094
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phone: (912) 655-2293 or (843) 384-9919
email: octobergenius@gmail.com